Tamlyn manufactures a very diversified mix of frequently needed building fasteners for a variety of applications.

Subcategory: Anchoring Systems, Anchors & Bolts, Bracing, Connectors, Fastening Systems, Strapping, Ties
Type: Concrete Foundation, Decking, Framing, Hurricane / Seismic Resistant, Masonry, Posts/Columns Caps & Bases

Siding & Exterior Trim

Tamlyn's Xtreme Trim™ is an accessory that presents an aesthetically pleasing design when installed with fiber cement siding and soffit.

Subcategory: Trim
Material: Aluminum

Weatherization & Flashing

Tamlyn's roofing and window flashing products include base/angle flashing, J/Turnback flashing, roll valley flashing, step flashing, window flashing & tape, and Z Bar flashing.

Subcategory: Flashing
Application: Roof, Window & Door

AtticPro Radiant Barrier from Tamlyn blocks radiant heat from entering the attic during the summer and escaping during the winter - saves up to 17% on your monthly energy bills.

Subcategory: Radiant/Thermal Barrier
Application: Attic