Doors (Storm) Buying Guide

Doors (Storm)

Getting Started

Storm Doors offer an extra layer of insulation and security to the home. While a Storm Door will cover the front of the home’s main entry, it will protect the front door from inclement weather. If inserted with a screen, a storm door can provide fresh air when opened.



Price Considerations

Material: Aluminum storm doors are the most expensive. Steel insulated storm security doors may be comparable in price with wood clad and vinyl the lower cost options.

Glazing: Options such as decorative glass inserts, beveled glass or tinted, Low-E glass will increase the price but may satisfy the desires of the homeowner. Full view glazing adds to the cost when compared to Mid-View or High-View glazing.

Screens: Steel security screens are more expensive, but may provide added security to warrant the price. Retractable screen doors also have a higher price than doors with panel screens.

Hardware: The number of hinges, the style of hardware and locking systems will have an impact on the cost of the door.