String Trimmer / Lawn Edger Buying Guide

String Trimmer / Lawn Edger

Getting Started

Shaggy edges can ruin any yard, especially when it is combined with stray brush grass and weeds. A string trimmer (also known as lawn edge) is a tool that helps homeowners deal with this problem. A string trimmer can edge the grass and remove weeds and other nuances to deliver manicured lawn. This guide will tell you more about string trimmers and how to choose the one that suits your needs.

What to Consider

The hand-held string trimmer is so popular that many people still think it is the only option they have. However, there are many models on the market. The string trimmer mower, for example, can offer more horsepower than traditional models. They are very stable, and do not require any other equipment.

Some models have tilting portion, which is handy when you need to access tight spaces. These machines can deal with small branches and clear yard debris without any problem. Another thing that differs one trimmer from another is the type of fuel. Moreover, there are many variations on traditional models. This can be additional features, the shape of the body and other attachments.

Types of String Trimmers

How String Trimmers Work

Traditional string trimmers have the same design: they all have a monofilament line attached to a cylinder. The cylinder spins because of the engine. There are different engines available. The most frequent complain about trimmers people have is that the line can jam sometimes.

Some trimmer models are equipped with primer pumps, just like old trimmers had. Regardless of specific features, you should consult the manufacturer to solve technical problems.

Features String Trimmers Should Have

Safety Rules & Tips

Things to Know Before Buying

Cost Considerations

The purchasing price of a trimmer can be quite low, but the cost of owning it is often much higher. Even the most expensive models need maintenance and new trim lines. Besides, gas-powered trimmer requires engine servicing (every year or more often), and the cost of gas should be taken into consideration, too. Cordless models need new batteries, and these batteries can cost even more than the purchasing price. Although corded models are the cheapest to maintain, the extension cord will cost you over $50.